13.02.2013 – D.

Discovery of the week: Almonds stall my weight loss. I even gained some weight after the days when I ate almonds. Maybe they included too much salt. I will reintroduce them later to my diet again or use them as occasional treats.

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs with some cheese

Snack: Fried pork rinds

This was an idea of M. I found them crazy the first time he told me about them, but they tasted just like chips. And they have less then 1 g carb per serving. They are very salty and might promote water retention which would cause a weight stall, so I will only eat them on special occasions.

Lunch: Zucchini Tortillas with turkey-bellpepper-mix, salsa and creme fraiche


This recipe was a success. The tortillas tasted pretty good and were easy to make.

Dinner: Ricotta with sugarfree cacao

I found the tip in a blog to mix mascarpone with cacao for a dessert and thought it would be sneaky to replace mascarpone with ricotta as it has fewer carbs. Bad idea, it did not taste good. Next time I’ll use mascarpone.

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